Past Events

RAIN Webinar Series: Createc : ‘Simulating all the senses: Using Haptic Robotics for Immersive Teleoperation

RAIN Webinar Series

Releasing Robots into the Wild: Experiences and Challenges of Undertaking Field Robotics

Members of the RAIN team will be hosting a Reddit Ask Me Anything session. You can view the AMA here.

As part of the UK Festival of Robotics, The University of Manchester RAIN team will be taking part in the Robot Lab Live event showcasing ‘Human Robot Interaction – VR and Digital Twin Based Teleoperation of Robotic Arm’.

RAIN Webinar Series

The Standardisation working group aims to develop standards for control systems and relevant complementary technologies used in the nuclear industry

The Beam nuclear and social science network at The University of Manchester invites you to join a new online seminar series ‘Making the unknown knowable’

The RAIN hub will be at the KTN Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Industry Showcase 2021 from 25-27th Ma

Over the last 3 years, the RAIN working groups have helped facilitate the combination of academic research with expert guidance from industry and end users into real-world demonstration-ready robotic platforms.

RAIN Webinar Series

RAIN Webinar Series

This workshop brings together key stakeholders interested in the verification and regulation challenges faced when using robotic systems for remote inspection.

RAIN Webinar Series

RAIN Webinar Series

RAIN Webinar Series

This set of workshops will bring stakeholders together to discuss how humans interact with robots now and in the future.

RAIN Webinar Series

The workshop will bring together individuals from the broad field of Robotics and Human-Robot Interaction research.

A Workshop in Conjuction with IEEE International Conference on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (IEEE RO-MAN, 2019)

This event will demonstrate the current use of robotics at Sellafield

This workshop will explore the challenges of certifying nuclear robotic systems.

We invite you to Manchester for an update on the progress of the RAIN Hub.

Organised by the Universities of Liverpool and York, with the Office for Nuclear Regulation.

As part of the international business festival, there will be an international robotics showcase.

The next generation of robots are going to work much more closely with humans

Upcoming are 2 user focused events: explaining the relevant ongoing research at RAIN

Simon Watson will present within “Robot Revolution” evening May 14th 2018. Are Robots just Spanners or Evil Overlords in Waiting?.

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