Getting Involved

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Outputs and Funding Opportunities

Working Groups

The HRI working group is focused on the interactions with robotics and autonomous systems such as trustworthiness, perception and communication as well as explorations of the HRI systems including virtual and augmented reality, teleoperation, haptics, shared control and testing methods.

Lead is: Guido Herrmann


The Remote Handling Working Group is developing technology to take hands out of gloveboxes, making nuclear decommissioning safer, faster and cheaper. 

Lead is: Guy Burroughes


The Remote Inspection Working Group (RIWG) focuses on developing robotic and AI technology for both the characterisation of unknown nuclear environments, and change or anomaly detection of previously characterised environments.

Lead is: Nick Hawes


The Standardisation working group focused on bringing academic and industrial experts together to create new baselines in specific areas such as operator-facing human-machine interfaces (HMI), extensible modular software systems, and nuclear tele-manipulation systems.

Lead is: Ipek Caliskanelli


The V&A working group are focused on engagement with regulators and work that can be achieved through simulation. Including the assurance of autonomous Systems for safe use in hazardous environments. 

Lead is: Louise Dennis


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