Virtual Workshop on Verification And Regulatory Issues For Remote Robotic Inspection

Event Date

13TH January 2021

Event Time


Event Vanue


This workshop brings together key stakeholders interested in the verification and regulation challenges faced when using robotic systems for remote inspection. A variety of speakers, from across industry, regulatory organisations, and academia, will present their views on this important topic. The workshop is divided into three sessions covering: Applications; Regulation & Verification; and Future Challenges. Each session will have short talks with a discussion and Q&A opportunity for audience members.

This workshop is organised across ORCA and RAIN ISCF RAI Hubs and the Assuring Autonomy International Programme, by:

  • Michael Fisher – University of Manchester, RAIN Hub and ORCA Hub
  • Youcef Gheraibia – University of York and AAIP
  • Matt Luckcuck – University of Manchester and RAIN Hub
  • Matt Webster – Liverpool John Moores University and ORCA Hub

Full Programme

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