2nd Workshop on HRI For Extreme And Hazardous Environments – Test Methods And Evaluation Metrics (CEHE, 2020)

Event Date

31st August 2020

Event Time


Event Vanue

Royal Continent Hotel and Meeting Centre, Naples, Italy

The 2nd workshop at RO-MAN 2020, will once again bring those communities together, focusing on the development of test methods and metrics for evaluating interactions with remotely located robotic systems, which could be deployed in environments such as nuclear inspection and decommissioning, offshore energy activity and maintenance, space exploration, and deep mining etc. This shall be achieved in line with the RO-MAN 2020 conference theme of Robots with Heart, Mind and Soul, by exploring the development of test methods and metrics with user experience in mind: industrial applications need to build solutions rooted in deeper analysis of the user-experience as they interact with and use robotics. Thus, we will focus on methods and metrics that place the human as central to the human-robot interaction.

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