RAIN Standardisation Working Group – HMI Workshop

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3rd June 2021

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The Standardisation working group aims to develop standards for control systems and relevant complementary technologies used in the nuclear industry that would address concerns associated with HMIs and quality assurance from a performance, software assurance and software security perspective.

RACE has been developing cross-cutting technologies such as CorteX (i.e. interoperable control systems framework), RHOVR (i.e. VR Visualisation), and OMS (i.e. Operations Management System) tailored for remote handling operations in nuclear. RACE has been working with a high level of TRL’s and has extensive experience in deploying software at JET fusion reactor. However, these custom-built software technologies follow varied HMIs styles and guidelines, with limited quality assurance. Our intention is to bring academics, technology providers, operators, and challenge owners to discuss key concerns, extract knowledge, and help establishing baseline standards. For this purpose, we would like to carry out a series of workshops to explore the required HMI standards, software assurance, and software security standards for deployment of these cross-cutting technologies in nuclear facilities. These topics would represent strands of research and demonstration in the RAIN programme with findings shared with our community.

Our first workshop within the RAIN Standardisation working group will be on the 3rd June on HMI standardisation. Within RACE, HMI standardisation has already started and Dr Ioannis Zoulias as subject matter expert has been developing HMI guidelines for RHSME (next generation control system software that will be deployed at JET). This workshop will not only give us the opportunity to inform the RACE HMI guidelines based on our discussions during the workshop, but it will also help us disseminate this knowledge and experience RACE has with our colleagues in RAIN.


  • Brief introduction
  • Justin Thomas – JET RH ops presents HMI challenges + demo
  • Dr Ioannis Zoulias – Importance of HMI guidelines
  • Case Studies
  • Discussion
  • Overall questions • Where can Academia contribute? • Human factor experiments?

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