Seminar series: Making the unknown knowable

Event Date

29 April – 27 May 2021

Event Time


Event Vanue


The Beam nuclear and social science network at The University of Manchester invites you to join a new online seminar series ‘Making the unknown knowable’, taking place 29 April – 27 May 2021, in conjunction with the RAIN Hub.

Making the unknown knowable has always been located at the heart of scientific activity. This seminar series will explore the ways in which the unknown is rendered knowable by a wide range of actors in a multitude of contexts. It aspires to generate a fruitful discussion among three concerned groups; those who produce knowledge on the unknown, such as scientists and engineers, those who seek the limits of the known be extended to undertake policy action, such as policymakers, and those who study how the unknown is made knowable, including anthropologists, historians, sociologists and philosophers of science.

Click here to read the full abstract for the series

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