2” Pipe Bore Exploration, Inspection and Characterisation Robot

The PIBAIR is a small tethered platform designed for use in a 2” pipe network, capable of entering the pipe through entry points smaller than 2”, and traverse around pipe geometry to characterise and explore the space.

The PIBAIR can carry a gamma detector, but could be configured for a number of different sensors and applications within a 2” pipe environment.

Key Features:

  • Tethered pipe bore inspection robot designed to survey 2” pipe networks.
  • Capable of traversing zero-degree pipe bends and T-sections
  • Capable of carrying payload of a compact gamma spectrometer and navigational camera.
  • Low cost, disposable platform for pipe bore exploration.
  • Highly mobile design capable of a high degree of orientation control, with six driven wheels on each module and articulated body.
  • Capable of deployment through 20mm minimum entry points.
  • Multiple PIBAIR modules can be spaced along the tether for strain relief and increased payload.

Technical specification:

  • External dimensions – Length 96mm X 65mm (maximum wheel diameter).
  • Weight – 36g per PIBAIR module, without tether.
  • Payload weight – 300g.
  • Communication interface – Umbilical power and data communication.
  • Operation mode – Tele-operated.
  • Battery/run time – Indefinite using tether, not yet configured for battery use
  • Tether/tether management – Current design operating at 2m, with further development planned for 10m+.
  • Drive system – 6 motor and wheel assemblies
  • Built in sensors – On board camera and LED lights.
  • Velocity – 45 mm/s

For more information contact us on info@rainhub.org.uk

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