Tarm Team Complete Latest Stage Of Major Remote Handling Refurb

A multi-million project to give RACE the capability to start testing the remote handling technologies for the future DEMO fusion reactor has now reached a key milestone.

This follows the completion of the first stage refurbishment of the Telescopic Articulated Remote Mast (TARM) – a huge remote handling system – which after being used to perform ex-vessel maintenance on JET is now set for a new lease of life at RACE. The TARM was raised into position in the RACE work hall in March, ready for the next phase of commissioning.

As an important part of its Roadmap to Fusion Electricity, EUROfusion is now conducting an initial conceptual design study of a Demonstration Fusion Power Plant (DEMO), a reactor design capable of demonstrating net production of electricity and operation with a closed fuel-cycle and to be the single step between the International Thermal Experimental Reactor (ITER) and a commercial reactor.

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