Mini Robot For Restricted Access Exploration

This platform is capable of entering hazardous environments through restricted access ports with a maximum diameter of 150mm (6”). The robot is an innovative new design which combines omnidirectional drive wheels with a reconfigurable footprint to enable the platform to manoeuver through a difficult environments.

The final concept design of the MIRRAX came out of the requirement of carry mid-size sensors (e.g. LIDARs) and having enough battery charge to conduct at least 1 hour of surveying through the restricted access ports. These two factors require the robotic platform to be long and narrow in design, like a snake, and uses custom design omni-directional Mecanum wheels to allow for unique holonomic locomotion. The addition of 2 joints within the length of the robot allow it to be reconfigured in different stable profiles.

Key Features:

  • Reconfigures to fit in 150mm entry port
  • 3D Laser scanning of difficult to reach locations
  • Easy user interface
  • 1 hour battery duration
  • Capable of gamma radiation measuring
  • Camera for remote operating

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