The Mini-RoboMach is configured as a “walking andsnaking” system, capable of performing holistic in-situ multi-task operations in challenging environments. A wide set of in-situ tasks can be achieved by each constitutive unit independently, or the system can be used as a single combined unit for even more complex tasks. It consists of two robots that are able to achieve unique in-situ tasks:

a) The WalkingHex, a 24 DoFs parallel kinematic configuration, is utilised for providing both walking and 6-axis movement of the end-effector for performing in-situ operations over large workspace volumes;

b) The SCArm, with its 25 DoFs, enables “snaking-in” capability for penetration into dense structures and the use of its last 6 DoFs to manipulate end-effectors for post-production operations in confined workspaces.

As a combined system, the WalkingHex (i.e. the body) can execute a variety of the in-situ tasks on the base surface (ground) of the working environment and also act as a carrier for delivering the SCArm to desired locations, thus enabling the completion of in-situ works in otherwise unreachable positions in hazardous zones.

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