Mobile Hexapod for Remote Inspection and Object Manipulation

An important envisaged application of legged robots is the exploration and mapping of extreme environments with an unknown terrain. These include areas where a wheeled robot may not be able to access due to the presence of obstacles, steps, etc. Moreover, within these environments, a legged robot may come across challenging spaces to access, such as narrow pathways and areas with large holes or obstacles. CORIN is a hexapod designed at the University of Manchester to be able to perform advanced motions that would allow it to navigate through such terrains. In this context, advanced motions refer to the use of surfaces perpendicular to the ground plane for robot foot placement. Currently, two types of advanced motions have been considered: wall walking and chimney walking.

Technical Specifications:

  • Communication interface : Umbilical power and multi USB communication
  • Computing: No on board computing
  • Operation mode: Tele-operated
  • Sensors: IMU and LiDAR can be mounted on the chasis. Force sensors located in the feet

CORIN can be used in the nuclear sector for inspection and characterization. The features of advance motions and footprint size change allows it to move in tight and uncommon environments.

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