CeBr & Red Pitaya

CeBr & Red Pitaya

10mm CeBr3 γ-ray scintillator with Red Pitaya STEMlab 125-14

The CeBr and Red Pitaya work as a pair. These measure γ-ray radiation and perform γ-ray spectroscopy. It offers more accurate spectroscopy than the NaI:Tl, albeit with reduced sensitivity because of a smaller scintillator. When deployed a lead collimator is used to provide directionality, so it can be aimed at objects.

Technical Specifications:

  • Requires USB and Ethernet connections for power and data, ROS Kinetic & Melodic ready. Is plug-n-play for robot use. Achieves a 5.4% resolution at 662keV.

The Red Pitaya provides a cheap ROS compatible MCA for γ-ray detectors. It is a COTS product, of use to researchers and industry too.

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