Bi-Manual Rig

Bi-Manual Rig

Spatially coaligned visuo-haptic virtual reality rig with motion tracking

The rig consists of four 3 DOF custom-made haptic robotic arms. Each arm is connected to a passive thimble-gimbal providing the point of haptic contact for the user. There are two points of contact per hand.

The visual and haptic workspaces are spatially coaligned using a Vicon motion tracking system.

The rig allows high fidelity visual and haptic virtual reality.

Technical Specifications:

4 Vero motion tracking cameras (Vicon). Oculus Rift S VR HMD. 4 custom haptic devices with 3 DOF positional sensing and force feedback. All components rigidly tethered to a custom rig, where the computers communicate over UDP.

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