Industry Engagement Call – RAIN Working Groups

5th and 6th May 2021, 9:30 – 11:30am 

Over the last 3 years, the RAIN working groups have helped facilitate the combination of academic research with expert guidance from industry and end users into real-world demonstration-ready robotic platforms.

RAIN has engaged extensively with industry during this period and as we move into Phase 2 we are looking to expand the working groups to 5 key areas: Remote Handling, Remote Inspection, HRI, Autonomy & Verification and Standardisation.

RAIN invites you to engage with Phase 2 and help refresh and focus these working groups. We will run two online workshops on the 5th and 6th of May for the current Remote Handling (RHWG) and Remote Inspection (RIWG) working groups. How HRI, Autonomy & Verification and Standardisation fit into each of these areas will be discussed to allow the formation of the new working groups.

Please see below for Eventbrite registration details:

5th May 2021, 09:30-11:30: Remote Handling Working Group
6th May 2021, 09:30-11:30: Remote Inspection Working Group

Introducing RAICo Labs: Robotics and AI Collaboration in Cumbria

UPDATE: Rescheduled, date & time TBC – please check for updates

Speakers will include Trudy Harrison (MP for Copeland), Rebecca Weston (Chief Operating Officer, Sellafield Ltd), Rav Chunilal (Head of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Sellafield Ltd), Barry Lennox (Director of RAIN Hub, Professor of Applied Control, University of Manchester), Steve Shackleford (Head of Capability for Nuclear Operations, National Nuclear Laboratory), Rob Buckingham (UK Atomic Energy Authority; Director, Head of RACE).

Talks will be followed by a Q&A session. Essential reading RAICo Lab SoN.

Register here to attend. Agenda and joining instructions will be sent to registered attendees closer to the event.

Additional pre-reading

Copeland Vision 2040

Cumbria Nuclear Prospectus

Sellafield Enterprise Strategy 2020

Copeland RAI CoE

RAIN Webinars

Thursdays 9:30 – 10:30 on Zoom. Meeting ID: 931 5525 7426

We have started a weekly online seminar series to keep everyone up to date with the work going on across the RAIN Hub.

All webinars have been recorded. You can find them on this playlist


Date: Thursday 22nd April

Guest takeover: Pipebots
  • Bruce Drinkwater, University of Bristol: ‘Ultrasonic and acoustic sensing for buried pipe inspection with swarms of robots’, 9:30 – 10:15am
  • Questions/discussion session, 10:15-10:30am

Abstract: This talk reviews the future possibilities for sensing using swarm robotics. The work has been performed as part of a large project called Pipebots in which other members of the team are also progressing the robots, navigation and communications for use in water and sewerage pipes.  The focus of this talk is on the acoustic and ultrasonic sensors that can detect blockages and damage, such as cracking or corrosion. Blockages are detected with relatively low frequencies, enabling wave propagation over tens of metres. These waves travel as guided waves within the pipe interior. As the robots approach the blockage, higher frequencies can be used to provide additional characterisation information. These waves can also be used to characterize the local environment, for example, determining pipe geometry or the presence of bends or junctions. Damage to the pipe wall is detected using significantly higher frequencies. These travel as guided waves within the pipewall and propagate over much shorter distances. To accurately detect damage the signals from a number of robots must be combined to increase the probability of detection. This same data can then be used to form an image allowing location and defects size to be extracted.  The use of a robot swarm involves many compromises. For example, more robots add cost but leads to better detection and more accurate characterization. This talk describes how an understanding of these compromises leads to an optimal approach to swarm robotic sensing in this application.

Pipebots Project


Date: Thursday 13th May

Guest takeover: Prometheus

Jameel Marafie and Puneet Chhabra from Headlight AI will be presenting and sharing some footage from recent field trials followed by Q&A.

Prometheus Project

RAIN Events

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