Demonstration & Testing

Theme 6 (T6)

Research Challenges (T6RC):

  • 1

    A key facilitator to de-risk these deployments will be development of full scale 'white', non-radioactive, technology demonstrators to prove capability prior to real nuclear site deployments
  • 2

    Selected 'red', or active demonstrators will be delivered using sealed radioactive sources to provide point sources for mapping and/or identification. This will be facilitated by Bristol's Fenswood and the RACE testing facilities
  • 3

    Technology transfer will be facilitated through ‘white’, ‘red’ and live (active deployments on nuclear sites) technology demonstrators using active and non-active facilities at JET, Sellafield and EDFE sites
  • 4

    Application to international legacy facilities, such as H-Canyon Air Exhaust tunnels at Savannah State and accident areas, including Fukushima Daiichi and Chernobyl