Remote Handling, 5th May

The RAIN 2 remote handling theme had a kick-off engagement meeting on May 5th. In the first half, the RAIN RH theme presented and demonstrated advances in robotics and AI in nuclear gloveboxes. This was followed by an exciting set of breakouts where the researchers were available for a Q and A. The second half of the workshop was focussed on the engagement plans going forward. Starting with a presentation kindly given by Chris Ballard from Sellafield, on Sellafield programme RrOBO focussing on glovebox robotics. Followed by a proposed engagement plan for RAIN RH theme plan for engagement going forwards. This led to a very interesting set of breakouts discussing potential engagement routes. It was attended by 60->70 people from industry and academia, and 2 hours barely scratched the surface on the discussion and excitement on the topic.

Remote Inspection, 6th May

On May 6th about 60 people from industry and academia attended an online meeting of the Remote Inspection Working Group.  In the first half of the meeting we showcased some of the recent inspection-related work from the RAIN Hub, from large scale simultaneous localisation and mapping, to a crawler robot for a 2 inch pipe. We then ran three parallel Q&A sessions on the themes of platforms, perception, and autonomy. These were lively, with lots of discussions about potential use-cases for RAIN technology. In the second half of the meeting we heard from challenge owners and technology providers connected to the themes of RAIN (Sellafield, Adelard, Headlight AI, Ross Robotics, Ice Nine, & Total). These gave us a perspective on problems that need to be addressed in the near term, and some of the tools that we can use to do this. We finished the meeting with a discussion of the next steps on the three themes discussed previously. This led to some exciting ideas on technology and trials that RAIN will tackle in the next year, and also highlighted the need for us to facilitate further discussions across the community.