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In the RAIN Hub we want to work actively with industry and end users. We are working in a different way to standard academic research projects, aiming to really understand the challenges faced by the nuclear industry. Our three working groups were formed to aid this process: Remote Handling, Remote Inspection and Safety Case. In March this year, we invited our network of industry contacts to a demonstration day in Manchester. We had over 20 pieces of technology on display, including various robotic platforms, sensor technology, and using virtual reality for control.

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Safety is a primary focus in the nuclear industry and is an integral feature of design, development, operations and decommissioning. In the UK, the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) is the independent body which ensures that nuclear sites are suitably regulated and held accountable on behalf of the public. To this end, they require that nuclear site operators provide safety cases for their systems. A Safety Case is a structured argument that is used to provide evidence that a nuclear task system is safe. It considers aspects such as risks, failure modes, training needs, and reliability data. It is a concise and clear document, owned by the nuclear operator. Naturally, every nuclear site operator has a relationship with the ONR and, until recently, that relationship has been perceived as rather distant. Within RAIN we recognise the advantages of collaboration. We have arranged a series of workshops bringing together the ONR, nuclear operators, and academics. The first Safety Case Workshop was held in September last year. Details and presentations can be found online.