• RAIN in Russia

    SPOT Robodog setting off to undertake remote
    radiation inspection inside Chernobyl
  • RAIN in UK

    First ever: MIRRAX robot deployed in active cell
    at Magnox reprocessing facility, Sellafield
  • RAIN in Slovenia

    AVEXIS robot used to explore JSI Triga reactor, maneuvering
    through the water column and around fixtures
  • RAIN pipework robot

    FURO in-pipe inspection robot for surveying unknown
    pipe networks within old nuclear facilities


Advanced robotics and artificial intelligence for nuclear and other extreme, hazardous environments

Applications include
  • Decommissioning legacy nuclear facilities
  • New fission and fusion power plants
  • Extending life of existing plants
  • Mining
  • Offshore operations
  • Space exploration
  • Automomous vehicles
  • First ever deployment of fully autonomous robot (CARMA) in an active facility
  • First ever deployment of a robot (MIRRAX) into Sellafield’s Magnox Reprocessing Facility
  • First ever robotic measurements of neutron flux and gamma field inside an active nuclear reactor
  • Multiple technology demonstrations
  • 167 journal articles published
  • 15 universities working closely together
  • Research aligned to meet industry requirements
  • Developing robots to solve some of the most complex challenges in the nuclear industry
  • Creating a responsible, collaborative and sustainable research and innovation structure
  • Fostering international relations

    Founded in 2017 to measurably improve and deploy robotic and artificial intelligence technology across the nuclear industry and beyond, RAIN is a major research and development programme operating both throughout the UK and internationally.

    Aligning its research closely with industry requirements, RAIN works collaboratively with large and small organisations across the nuclear supply chain to deliver step changes in fundamental robotics science that will ultimately have a global impact.