Venturing towards the ‘Unknown Room’

We recently saw the first culmination of a joint RAIN demonstrator project with the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) and the Universities of Manchester and Bristol. The ‘Unknown Room’ project has seen the two university teams develop a pair of robotic platforms with an in-common interchangeable gamma and neutron detection system. The challenge is to survey a high hazard facility to determine the location, energy and character of any radiation sources. This detailed understanding of dose and criticality risk in the facility will allow decision makers to devise a manned or robotic strategy for decommissioning.

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June 2018 User Group Meetings

The first RAIN user group meetings took place in early June 2018. The RAIN Hub strives to solve industry lead challenges, moving technologies into Technology Readiness Levels 6/7. To do this, it is essential we engage with a variety of end users, regulatory bodies and the supply chain. These first two events focused on Remote Inspection and Remote Handling and had over 50 attendees from a mixture of partners. A mixed set of delegates enabled great discussions with a wide range of perspectives. There will be another workshop discussing the nuclear safety case in September.

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Testing the AVEXIS in Fukushima

The AVEXIS® is a small submersible tethered Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV). It has been designed to fit through a 6 inch port, move through water, and characterise the space it is in. This essential information is difficult to assess within high risk environments such as nuclear storage facilities, or the hazardous environment at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.

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