Past Webinars

All webinars have been recorded. You can find them on this playlist.

15th October 2020: NNUF Facilities

00:00 Kevin Warren: Dalton Cumbrian Facility (DCF)

16:00 Malcolm Joyce: Advanced Digital Radiometric Instrumentation for Applied Nuclear Activities (ADRIANA)

38:00 Tom Scott: National Nuclear User Facility for Hot Robotics (NNUF-HR)

24th September 2020: Remote Inspection Working Group

00:00 Nick Hawes: An overview of some of the developments made by the RAIN Remote Inspection Working Group over the last two years, and plans for future deployments of mobile autonomous inspection robots.

53:15 Live demonstration of a wheeled robot performing a remotely operated mock inspection mission, using technology jointly developed by the UKRI Robotics and AI hubs, under their new “digital tissue” initiative.

10th September 2020: Mobile Mapping

00:00 Milad Ramezani: An overview of CPU-based LiDAR-SLAM on mobile robot platforms

17:08 Stefan Leutenegger: Spatial AI for mobile robots

20th August 2020: Aquatic special, including a guest presentation from the NOC

9:30 Maaten Furlong, the National Oceanography Centre:Marine Autonomy Systems in Ocean Science: Developments, Operations and Integration

9:50 Ammar Al Mhdawi, University of Newcastle: Design and Development of Intelligent Tether System

10:10 Matthew Nancekievill, University of Manchester: Aquatic robotic research at The University of Manchester

13th August 2020: UKRAS ROS for Nuclear Sensing Workshop

This workshop focused on designing Robot Operating System (ROS) messages to better integrate radiation sensors onto robot platforms.

30th July 2020: Guest hosted by Rolls Royce

9:30 James Kell: Collaboration success between UoN & RR within aerospace in-field maintenance

10:00 Richard Mecrow: Spotlight on COBRA

9:30 Radhika Nath: Computer vision system for teleoperated gloveboxes

9:50 Ipek Caliskanelli and Matthew Goodliffe: CorteX: A software framework for interoperable, plug-and-play, distributed robotic systems-of-systems

10:10 Luigi Pangione: Condition monitoring system of the RAIN glovebox developed at RACE

16th July 2020: Pipe and in-bore robotics

9:30 Nick Castledine: Design of a 2″ Bore Pipe Inspection Robot for the Nuclear Industry

9:50 Tristan Tremethick: In-bore welding strategy for fusion power plants

10:10 Keelan Keogh: Laser Piglet a solution for in-bore pipe cleaning

9th July 2020: Guest takeover by Sellafield Ltd. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Integrated Research Team (RAI-IRT)

09:30 Chris Ballard and JP Richardson, Use of robotics and artificial intelligence at Sellafield Ltd

09:40 Paul Mort, Areas for innovation

09:55 Phil Toomey, ROVs in the legacy ponds

10:10 Amanda Smith and Calvin Smye, UAV Inspections

10:25 Simon Watson, Collaborative Robotics Projects with Sellafield

25th June 2020: Guest takeover by the ORCA Hub

9:30 Jamie Blanche: Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) Radar for Non-Contact Asset Health Monitoring

9:50 Arnau Garriga Casanovas: Robot Deployable EMAT NDE Sensor

10:10 Osama Zaki: Self-Certification and Safety Compliance for Robotics Platforms

18th June 2020: More from RAIN HRI team

9:30 Peter Scarfe: Understanding sensorimotor optimisation of bimanual telerobotics

9:50 Inmo Jang: Towards minimum worries in nuclear tele-manipulation: Collision-free inverse kinematics

10:10 Alex Smith: User study in variable autonomy

11th June 2020: Hosted by the University of Oxford, focussing on legged robots within RAIN

9:30 Romeo Orsolino, Oxford Robotics Institute: Interactive Nonlinear Trajectory Re-Optimization for Walking Robots

9:50 Wei Cheah, The University of Manchester: Corin – a hexapod for non-planar motion research

10:10 Joseu Camacho, The University of Nottingham: From Parallel Kinematic Manipulators to an Advanced Walking Machine Centre

28th May 2020: Hosted by the RAIN Human Robot Interaction team

9:30 Guido Herrman: Introduction

9:40 Emily Collins: Considering ‘H’RI Challenges in Hazardous Environments

09:55 Ozan Tokatli: Teleoperated Gloveboxes

10:10 Erwin Lopez: Estimation and prediction of human behaviour using multi-modal physiological measurements and data-driven methods in human robot interaction

21st May 2020: Hosted by the University of Manchester, School of Social Sciences.

9:30 Başak Sarac̣-Lesavre: Decommissioning of Sellafield as a Collective Experiment

9:50 Petra Tjitske-Kalshoven: Preparing for a Future: Time to Think in Nuclear Decommissioning

10:10 Ian Tellam: Problematising Technological Adoption at Sellafield

14th May 2020

9:30 Yannick Verbelen, The University of Bristol: State of the Art for Robotics and Sensors for Nuclear Monitoring and Inspection

9:50 Tilly Alton, The University of Lancaster: Developing radiation detection instrumentation for ROS

10:10 Andy West, The University of Manchester: 2D Gamma Radiation Mapping with the TORONE Projects

7th May 2020: Hosted by the University of Sheffield.

9:30 Sandor Veres: Innovative approaches to HRI.

9:50 James Clarke: Reconfigurability through NLP.

10:10 Mohammed Hazim: System programming architectures

30th April 2020: Hosted by the University of Liverpool

9:30 Michael Fisher: What is Verification and Validation?

9:50 Rafael Cardoso: Integrating Verifiable Agents in ROS

10:10 Fabio Pappachini: Processing and Verification of Information Streams

23rd April 2020: Hosted by the University of Nottingham

9:30 Mingfeng Wang: A novel self-calibration algorithm for enhancing the machining capability of reconfigurable parallel kinematic manipulators

9:50 Matteo Russo: Continuum robot with self-propelled capability for the inspection of extreme environments

10:10 Nan Ma: Modelling and experimental validation of a compliant under-actuated parallel kinematic manipulator

2nd April 2020: Hosted by the University of Manchester

9:30 Keir Groves: Exploration and radiation mapping of unknown environments using radiation informed 3D navigation

9:50 Matthew Nancekievill: Active deployment of the University of Manchester’s tracked robotic platform at Dounreay, and a summary of our aquatic robotics research

10:10 Liam Brown: Reconfigurable robotic platform with advanced sensing for confined spaces

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